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EnumShield Tool 1.0

Shield that uses normal windows OS WIN32 API functions of enumeration to lock your desktop when shield is activated.

If you're showing somebody something on your PC and leaving him for a while and you don't want him to hike around on your PC during your absence.

Simple as 123, Totally free,
No Setup needed, Clean and uses only the normal WIN32 API functions of enumeration. 

At the time shield activated an image copy of the running processes/windows opened will be the allowed list and any further process/window will be terminated on the spot. 

Helps avoiding curious intruders and be comfort when a child left alone watching a cartoon on the internet, he will not be able to open any window, run a software or even change the video.

Simply it allows current Runnings and blocks everything else until its de-activated or computer restarts.

To de-activate Press F11 Key and provide the password you entered while activating.  

For activating just run the tool and provide a password for de-activation,

Don't forget F11 to de-activate. 

EnumShield Tool

Be comfort when a child left alone watching a cartoon on the internet.

Don't forget F11 to de-activate.