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Suez Canal Calculator 3.1
Integrated Software which calculates vessel's Suez Canal transit expenses.

The most accurate and precise way of calculation just the same way as Local authorities do considering new tariffs which is in force currently.

Suez Canal Transit calculation system has been designed specially to meet the requirements of shipping lines management, Owners, Charters, Operators and brokers in order to facilitate the way of determining vessels' expenses for passing Suez channel.

Suez Canal Transit calculation system is based on the latest rules, regulations, decrees and tariffs issued by the official authorities.

As a comprehensive solution its Calculation is not only numbers and algorithms of tariffs but also based on ships condition and its state of navigability for Passing Suez Canal which influencing charges. And of course rebates and deductions granted by S.C.A and local Authorities to vessels transiting.

Latest Suez Canal Transit Calculator version enables the user to change the calculation base directly on the software once any change of rates that control tolls are announced by SCA, additionally the updated version 3.0 has the ability to run at the network for multiple users with common database.

Gsi Technologies pleased to invite you to try the free Trial version which is available here.
In order to calculate the Suez Canal cost a sequence of information of vessel is required which is the base of each calculation.

Vessel type, Direction North bound (sailing from the red sea to the Mediterranean), South bound (sailing from the Mediterranean sea to the red sea) , Load/Ballast of cargo, time of passing the canal, Suez Canal net tonnage, beam and draft.

SDR: Special drawing rights rate is being changed daily and it is the main factor of calculating charges, by clicking the button of SDR you will get the updated rate on the official IMF (International Monetary Fund) site as shown here below.

Suez Canal Calculator Software designed to easily calculate charges of the Suez Canal passage. it prompts user to choose from various conditions that vessels represent to stand on the charges to be paid subject to vessel condition.

It takes the user through 10 steps for collecting the required information to calculate Proforma D/A to be paid for transiting the Suez Channel.

Steps of calculation are as follows:

- Suez Canal Dues
- Mooring & Unmooring
- Projector and electrician
- Pilotage Dues
- Port Dues
- Light Dues
- Immigration and Port Police
- Quarantine Fees
- Customs Fees

Transit Dues step shall collect important information about vessel's type, tonnage, load, particulars and nature of cargo in order to calculate transit dues.
Please refer to Suez Canal Rules of Navigation for more details

Calculation Base of transit dues is based on rates

Calculation Base of Suez Canal Authority is based on rates that depend on vessel's SCNT (Suez Canal Net Tonnage) and vessel's type for loaded and ballast vessels,

Suez Canal Calculator enables the user to change the base once new rates are Changed/announced by Suez Canal Authority.

Useful Links

Suez Canal Calculator brings some of the most useful information related to Suez Canal in order to facilitate user's understanding of Canal transit operation and navigation rules.


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The licensed copy of Suez Canal Calculator is corresponding to user's machine's fingerprint which can't use user's credentials at any other PCs as shown on the activation form. a user ID represents user's machine ID and the activation code is the correspondent license code.

To get your copy licensed the user ID should be sent to GSI Technologies to get the correspondent Key.


The Demo version enables the user to try using the software for 5 times with limited functionality of calculation such as limited vessel's tonnages and using only some of the software features.

Suez Canal Tolls - TRIAL

The most accurate and precise.